36 Volt model LE Iacocca electric Bike

I purchased my Lee Iacocca 36 Volt ebike from e-lectric Wheels of South Florida in September 2006. Shown below is a link to the e-lectricwheels web site where you view the 36 Volt model LE, which is the model I am selling.

To give you some backbround, the Iacocca eBike was designed here in the USA and uses a German-made Heinzmann rear wheel hub motor. Complete details on the ebike are available in the Owner's Manual which you can view by clicking on the image shown below:

My ebike is in excellent shape and everything works perfectly. It has been well maintained and well cared for since I purchased it new in 2006. You might find it useful to look at the ebike service manual for more detailed information on my bike. Click on the Service Manual image shown below:

NASA has done extensive testing on the EV Global [Iacocca] ebike. My model, the LE, is identical in all electrical respects to the model SX which NASA has tested. You can find more information about the NASA testing by clicking on the Baseline Testing image shown below:

To view more pictures of my 36 Volt LE ebike click on the thumbnail of the ebike:

The proof of the quality of this eBike 36 Volt LE model is in riding it. It handles well, rolls smoothly, all gears (7 speeds) shift crisply, and the brakes work well. Every feature functions properly, from the head light, brake light, horn, cruise control, “gas” gauge that displays remaining battery power, economy/fast mode switch, etc.

The bike has an easy to push thumb throttle will bring a smile to your face when you press on it, guaranteed! You can pedal along to assist the motoror or just let the motor pull you along. The seat has a shock-absorbing post, and the front forks also absorb bumps.

Truly, the bike is a pleasure to zip around on. No external charger is necessary-simply plug the included cord into a 110V wall outlet and give it about four hours. I replaced the single 36Volt original battery last summer with 3-12V readily available sealed lead acid batteries [one of them is on the back rack].

Whether you want to go for really long rides, want help going up steep hills, or just want to cruise around on electric power, this is a great bike to own.

Power assist up to 18 mph with built-in charger/trickle charger; rear rack carrier; 35 watt halogen Headlight; Chromoly Frame; rear View Mirror; Comfort seat; Cruise Control; etc.

The eBike is available only for pick up here in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

Drop me an email if you have any questions.


Price is $600.

If you would like to take a test ride just drop me an email and we can work out the details.